Flat Hemp Bracelet Instructions

Hemp jewelry can be very simple and fun to make. When you are first starting out, one of the most basic knots you will need to know how to tie is called the Square Knot. The square knot is the knot used to create flat hemp jewelry.  Here is a visual step by step of how to tie the square knot.

You have 2 filler cords in the center, a green working cord on the left and a yellow working cord on the right.

  • Step 1 you take the green working cord over the filler cords and the yellow cord.
  • Step 2 you take the yellow cord over the top of the green working cord, then behind the filler cords, then back out between the filler cords and the green working cord.
  • Step 3 the yellow working cord goes back behind the filler cords and over the green working cord
  • Step 4 the green cord goes over the filler cords and behind the yellow cord.
  • After you've completed step 4 you tighten the knot and start back over at step 1.

Here are a few examples of hemp jewelry made using a square knot: 

This first bracelet is a basic square knot hemp bracelet made with natural color hemp.
You can use different colored hemp or vary the number of cords used to change the look of your hemp jewelry.  In this next example, they used 4 working cords (2 on each side) instead of just 2 which adds more size to the bracelet making it wider.  The working cords on this bracelet consisted of 2 green and 2 natural color.

You can also use beads in your square knot hemp bracelets like in the example below.  To add beads to your square knot jewelry you just tie your square knots until you are at the spot where you want the bead to be.  You then put the filler cords through the bead and slide the bead all the way up to the last knot that you tied.  Then you just continue tying your square knots after the bead.